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    #kinda scared but kinda turned on as well

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  4. I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.
    e.s. (via selectables)
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    Castiel in Every Supernatural Episode ( S4-S9 )

    4x01 //
    4x02 // 4x02 // 4x07 // 4x09 // 4x10 // 4x15 //
    4x16 // 4x18 // 4x20 // 4x21 // 4x22 // 5x01 //
    5x02 // 5x03 // 5x04 // 5x06 // 5x08 // 5x10 //
    5x13 // 5x14 // 5x16 // 5x17 // 5x18 // 5x21 //
    5x22 // 6x03 // 6x06 // 6x07 // 6x10 // 6x12 //
    6x20 //
    6x15 // 6x17 // 6x18 // 6x19 // 6x21 // 6x22 //
    7x01 // 7x02 // 7x17 // 7x21 // 7x23 // 8x02 //
    8x05 // 8x07 // 8x08 // 8x10 // 8x17 // 8x21 //
    8x22 // 8x23 // 9x01 // 9x03 // 9x06 // 9x09 //
    9x10 // 9x11 // 9x14 // 9x18 // 9x21 // 9x22 //
    9x23 // 

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    is this how he does it with women


    he grabs their shoulders, doesn’t he

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    exscuse me while I go wash my brain with bleach

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Disney’s Meet the Robinsons in a nutshell.


    Disney’s Meet the Robinsons in a nutshell.

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    Boom Clap (From the movie The Fault In Our Stars) - Charli XCX; The left ear comes in a few seconds before the right ear, causing a layered effect.

    Listen to more of my stuff here.

    Download it here.

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    when you dream about a fictional character you know youre in too deep

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  13. There was a crazed man (well, we thought so) talking about how he was not a sinner and that the rest of us were going to Hell, because we actually read the Bible (his said to judge all, while we suggested the Bible tells us to LOVE all). He was ridiculous, but I got some pretty awesome shots of our opposition to his statements.

    First picture: A boy brings out a mirror for the man to take a good, hard look at the type of “Christianity” that he was “preaching.”

    Second picture: We got him off his rock and began rallying for spreading love, not judgement.


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